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willing shares "Internet +" transformation and upgrading, successful launch of enterprise trading platform!
2019-04-26 14:19:21

Recently, willing stock has completed dozens of single-line trading businesses through the enterprise trading platform (wlgf.dazpin.com), which indicates that the enterprise trading platform of weilin stock has fully supported all settlement methods such as payment before delivery and payment after delivery for traditional sales of industrial products enterprises. Cash first and goods later correspond to "spot listing -- cash payment" transaction. If the payment of silver bill can be realized through entrusted transaction (collectively referred to as cash transaction); Cash on delivery and later payment correspond to "spot listing - credit payment" transaction (referred to as receivables transaction).

Among them, cash transaction supports the online completion of the whole transaction process, including the listing of the seller, the order placed by the buyer, price negotiation between the two parties, contract signing, settlement and settlement, making the transaction more convenient, safe and efficient. However, the receivables transaction can make traditional receivables online. By making receivables online, it can be realized as follows:

1. Manage accounts receivable, including credit line, balance, details and other projects;

2. Reduce the risk of receivables collection through transaction credit investigation on public platforms;

3, choose the machine can be accounts receivable insurance;

4, choose the opportunity to carry out accounts receivable pledge loan and factoring business;

5. Choose an opportunity to conduct supply chain financing sales.

The function of willing stock enterprise trading platform will continue to improve, and eventually realize the online and financialization of traditional industrial product sales, and find a way to implement the "Internet +" and "supply-side reform" of upgrading and transformation.

Puyang willing chemical co., ltd. was established in 1998, is located in puyang hubuzhai fine chemical park, specializing in rubber additives, thermosetting resin and materials, organic chemical intermediates research and development, production and sales. The company is a key high-tech enterprise under the national torch program, an innovation-oriented enterprise in henan province, an innovative demonstration enterprise in energy conservation and emission reduction, a demonstration enterprise in technology innovation, a hundred-high enterprise, and an AAA industrial enterprise in quality and credit of henan province.

The company adopts clean technology to produce more than 40 kinds of rubber additives, with a comprehensive capacity of 50,000 tons. The comprehensive production capacity of phenolic resin is 20,000 tons. The products mainly include phenolic resin for friction materials, phenolic resin for refractory materials, phenolic resin for foaming, phenolic resin for rock wool and phenolic resin for electronic materials. Super adsorption carbon material developed by the company has excellent adsorption performance for cobalt, cadmium, copper, lead, nickel, zinc, titanium, iron, antimony, arsenic, bismuth, tin, gold, silver, cesium, uranium, plutonium and other radioactive metal ions, which can reduce and recover trace metal ions in waste water or gas. The company is the domestic double horse resin monomer variety many, the output big production enterprise, the product is widely used in the aerospace, the aviation, the electric power, the electron, the computer, the communication, automobile, the railroad, the construction and so on industry domain; The research and development of flame retardant polyols for polyurethane initiated a new era of internal flame retardant structure of polyurethane products, which has attracted extensive attention in the industry. The quality of weilin shares has reached or exceeded the international level of the same industry, and can ensure the long-term stability of product quality.

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